In a business that needs to keep keys secured and organized, you need to make sure you have a solid system in place to manage them. Without this in place, it can be easy to misplace or even lose keys. Whether you own or manage a business in the real estate industry or the automobile industry, this can become a massive problem. Lost keys means lost time and money. For years, many businesses in industries like these have been using a traditional hook board or hanging key cabinet to manage all of their keys. While this may have been a great option before technology improved, it is now an outdated system that can cause a lot of security issues.

The Faults of the Hook Board and Hanging Key Cabinets

A traditional hook board, while it does work well to house keys, does not do much else. It also leaves a lot of room for security breaches and leaves you with no way of tracking where your keys are at any time. Because your traditional hook boards and hanging key cabinets are missing this tracking component, you never know who has taken any missing keys or where they went. This can be a big problem because if keys are missing, you may not know how long they have been missing. They could have been gone for a few days and you only realized that they were missing when you went to get them. Another problem is that you have no way of tracking who actually took the keys out. While you can always ask your employees who grabbed which keys, you leave some room for confusion. If someone does not remember if they took the keys or when and they are missing, then you will have some trouble tracking them down.

The last major problem that is created with a hook board is that it is typically only locked with a simple key on the box, if at all. If there is no lock on the key box of your hook board, then anyone can go in and grab the keys at any time. With this, there is absolutely no security for your key system. Even if there is a lock on it, anyone who has the key to the box can give it to someone else who is not supposed to have them. They could also lose their keys to the box and someone could get them that may abuse them. These last two are definitely worst-case scenarios but that does not mean that they cannot happen using a traditional hook board.

What Key Management Faults Can Cost Your Business

With any type of outdated key management system, you can stand to lose not only keys but a lot of money as a result. If you are losing keys due to your management system, then you will have to face the possibility of changing the locks and keys for the asset those keys accessed. Since this is a mistake that happens as a result of your management system, this is a cost that you will need to bear and should not pass on to your clients. While having this happen once or twice may not be a lot of money, if this happens several times a month, then it can really add up and can cost you quite a bit of money over time. You want to avoid this additional cost and overhead for your business if at all possible. The best way to prevent these costs is by using a form of mechanical key control. Even with the added costs of changing over your hook board to a mechanical or electrical one, you will still save a lot of money over the course of a year. Not to mention, you can also prevent added stress and other security issues.

Reasons to Consider a Mechanical or Electrical Key System

With a mechanical or electronic key management system, you can eliminate all of the faults that come with a traditional hook board or hanging key cabinet. To start, you can keep track of all of your keys at all times. You can keep track of who has taken out a specific key as well as when. With this, you will know who to go to if you are looking for a specific key. You can also customize who has access to the system, and provide multiple keyless options for accessing the key cabinet. You can set different codes for each person so they do not have to keep up with their own keys to the box at any time. In addition to PIN #s, employees can access the system via biometric fingerprint, or with a prox card.  When a user attempts to log in, a digital camera captures and logs a picture of them.

Not only that, but you can secure each key individually in this type of system. This allows for even more security within your system. As part of this type of system, you can even prevent tampering so that people who try to gain access to the keys are unable to do so. With this type of security, as well as real-time and historical key tracking technology, you do not have to worry about where your keys are at any time or how long they have been gone. This is the way to ensure the best security for your key system, so you can focus more of your time on building up the business instead of trying to find a set of keys that has gone missing.

A mechanical or electrical key system is now the best option that you can have for your business. It allows for increased security measures for your keys, and it allows you to keep track of who took the keys that are not currently stored in the system. This way you can keep better tabs on the keys that you have and allows you to have more peace of mind. If you would like to change your outdated peg system over to one that allows you to save money and keep track of your keys with more accountability, contact KEYper Systems today to get started and find the perfect mechanical or electronic key system for your business.