After-Hours Key Drop Box

What is the KEYper® Service Express 24 key dispenser box and how does it work?

The KEYper® Service Express 24 is a 24-hour automated after-hours key dispenser box that works much like an ATM and is perfect for Service Departments and Rental Property Management offices! It works this way:

  1. The Service Advisor or Manager hangs the keys.
  2. The customer uses a personal code to retrieve the keys.
KEYper Systems Service Express 24 - After Hours Key Management Box

It’s so simple, it makes so much sense, you may be wondering, “What took so long?”

Simple, user input! Preparing the KEYper® SE24 early-bird key key box for customers to pick up their keys couldn’t be easier. Simply enter your service advisor code and hang the keys on the actuator (indicated on the display screen) and you are done! Vehicle or key pick-up is a snap! Customers simply enter a 5-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number supplied by you or your customer) and the KEYper® SE24 key box dispenses the keys and displays directions to their vehicle — and they are on their way in less than 10 seconds.

Using this key dispenser box is that easy! Warranty customers will appreciate the “no hassle, no wait” convenience this key dispenser box system provides. The KEYper® SE24 after-hours key pick-up box also can be used to pick up loaner vehicles and is a great tool for “off-site” or “mobile service operations” at business complexes. Rental Property Management offices can utilize the KEYper® Service Express key box to offer safe and secure key pickup after office hours. You protect not only the Property Owner, but provide peace of mind to the Renter by demonstrating the seriousness with which you regard key security and accountability.

Will the KEYper® Service Express 24 key box improve my bottom line?

  • Increase your service revenue: In addition to keeping the customers you have, and gaining more through positive referrals, you will be pleased with the KEYper® SE24 key dispenser’s promotion capabilities. The “Welcome Screen” is customizable, so in addition to your company name you can provide a scrolling message of up to 40 characters to advise your after-hour customers of your “monthly specials.”
  • Improve time management: You will find the KEYper® SE24 key box useful in streamlining your labor. Your staff can now prepare vehicles throughout the day for pick-up via the KEYper® SE24 key box, avoiding long lines of customers at the end of the day. Happier employees produce satisfied customers … you get the idea!
  • Increase customer loyalty and close the sale:Whether you sell and service vehicles or you are a “service only” facility, you’ll be able to distinguish your company from the competition and provide your customers with a positive response when they ask, “Why should I do business with your company?” We provide you with promotional materials that will encourage your customers to find out more about the valuable new service you are providing with the KEYper® SE24 key dispenser box.
  • What of Property Management applications? Satisfied residents and rental customers, as well as property owners, will remember your Rental Management Company over the rest as providing a safe and secure method for after-hours key drop box pick up. No longer expose property to risk by leaving unsecured keys or other assets out for “someone” to pick up!
  • Measure customer satisfaction: The KEYper® SE24 key box software allows you to enable specific on-screen questions that measure your customer’s satisfaction with the overall service experience, as well as the customer’s satisfaction with the KEYper® SE24 key box. The system provides on-screen or printed reports of your customer’s responses.

Is the KEYper® Service Express 24 key box a Secure Product?

  • No matter which KEYper® SE24 key box system you purchase, you’ll quickly notice that no expense was spared in construction. The cabinet is made of heavy 12-gauge stainless steel with a durable, baked on powder-coated finish.
  • Vandal resistant design. The KEYper® SE24 key dispenser box is designed with a multi-point locking system making the unit virtually impenetrable. Security is also built into our software to automatically lock out anyone who inputs three incorrect PIN codes, which prevents attempts to retrieve keys by random entry.
  • Service Advisor or Management tracking: The key box software provides for a single “administrator” code with full access to software functions. In addition, you can have up to 10 “service advisor” codes that allow limited access to software functions. The key box system will track customer PIN codes entered by each advisor, and will report PIN codes that have been incorrectly entered by the customer. A report detailing the last 200 transactions is available along with overall usage statistics for quarters, six months, years and lifetime.

Is the KEYper® Service Express 24 key box Easily Installed?

  • Installation is simple: All KEYper® SE24 key box models can be easily installed onto any wall surface with our three-bolt mounting system. All three mounting bolts are hidden and can only be accessed from inside the unit.
  • Plug and go ready: The KEYper® SE24 key box is designed to have a licensed electrician hard wire the system into any 110/120 volt AC supply and you are ready to go. We have even designed the system with a “Set Up Wizard” that quickly walks you through the simple setup instructions, allowing you to customize system software features.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free: The KEYper® SE24 key dispenser box has been designed to provide years of reliable, trouble-free service. It is built to last! In the unlikely event that a problem does occur, we have designed the system to be modular with “quick change” components. We can have a “spare in the air” and delivered to you within two business days or less.
  • Transaction Reliability: The KEYper® SE24 secure key drop box is designed to provide maximum reliability in all weather conditions. The system has been tested in simulated conditions of blowing rain, dust, vibration, humidity, and extended temperatures. The key box system has been successfully tested at temperatures from -40F to 158F (-40C to 70C). In the event of a power loss, the system is smart enough to remember all Advisor codes, PIN codes, and message screens until power is restored.

Is the KEYper® Service Express key box 24 easy to use?

  • Customer-friendly graphics: All of your customers (even the ones that don’t like computers) will appreciate how easy it is to use the KEYper® SE24 key box. The combination of graphics and language instructions minimize the potential for confusion and assures a user-friendly experience.
  • Powerful (but simple) Software: KEYper® Systems has developed the software to blend the perfect combination of ease of use and flexibility. The key box software allows you to modify the “Welcome Screen,” “Thank You Screen,” and “Three Strikes Security” message preventing random guessing. You can optionally provide your customer with a “Parking Space Location” and directions to a “Customer Vehicle Pick Up Lot.”

Can the KEYper® Service Express 24 key box Grow With US? 

  • Two Model Sizes: The KEYper® SE24 key box is available with as few as 20 key actuators and as many as 40 to accommodate any service facility and any budget. These two models share the same powerful software features.