Mechanical Key Control

The KEYper® Mechanical Key Control & Peg System consists of a key board that holds from 5 to 150 key plugs. Key pegs are individually locked into a numbered port on the board. A tamper-resistant seal secures one or more keys to each key plug. The tamper-resistant seal from the KEYper® Mechanical Key Control cannot be removed unless the wire is cut. Persons authorized to remove keys with the key control system insert their personalized access peg into the port of the desired key location, and turn to release the keys. The individualized access peg on our mechanical key control’s peg system remains locked in the board until the key is returned to its location. This gives an at-a-glance audit of which keys have been removed, and by whom! These key control management systems come in several sizes. Each unit is based on the use of 5-key modules that can be combined to create systems that can manage 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 100, or even 150 keys at a time! Single keys, or items such as tools and dealer plates can be managed with the Single Key Management System.

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