KEYper HC for Property Management

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Cabinet Features

Software Administration

The KEYper Elite software package provides your property with all the tools necessary to effectively control and audit the access of your entire key inventory. You determine who has access, and when. Create access schedules only allow access during work hours, or to enable a maintenance contractor to perform a one-time repair.

Create key groupings to provide streamlined key access for inspections or scheduled maintenance. Curfews can be set to let you know if a key has not been returned by the end of a shift, or after a defined length of time after checkout. Pair this with email Notifications to instantly alert management of potential misuse or loss of a key.

The main Dashboard provides a quick overview of all recent transactions, any keys out of the system, and keys that are overdue. Use our powerful reporting functions to gain visibility over all activity for a specific unit, specific user or during a defined time period. KEYper Elite software simply gets you the data you need fast!

In the event of a power failure, when the cabinet software may be unavailable, our Key Mapping service provides 24/7 access to all key positions. This service can be accessed via any web-enabled device to locate the position of every key within your system.

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