Key Storage Solutions

Any operation that needs to control access to keys can benefit from the range of key management solutions offered by KEYper® Systems. Whether you’re an auto dealer with a large inventory of vehicles, a hospital that needs to keep drugs secure or a university with multiple buildings to protect, we can provide you with the means to manage and guard your most valuable assets. No other key management company can offer you electronic and mechanical products that are as effective at keeping your most sensitive inventories and properties secure.

Why Key Management Is so Important

It can be difficult to track each asset you need to run your operations. When something is misplaced or used inappropriately, it can have serious and lasting repercussions. You may need to divert resources away from more pressing matters to locate a truck. Pharmaceuticals or hazardous materials may be in the hands of unauthorized personnel. Thieves may be able to walk off with your inventory undetected. 

With our key storage solutions, however, these problems can be eliminated. You will know for certain that the only people with access to your most important assets and locations will be those who are authorized to be there. This ensures a more efficient, responsible workplace. Our key systems also can reduce paperwork, thanks to automatic record keeping and instant mobile alerts whenever they are accessed. They also cut down on misuse and malfeasance with photo records of every unsuccessful attempt to penetrate the key tracking system.

Choose KEYper® Systems

As the recognized leader in electronic and mechanical key management systems, we can create the right one for you no matter how large or small your operation is. Get in touch with us today to learn more or to schedule an online demo.


Automotive / Fleet

Auto Dealerships, Service Centers, Fleet Vehicles, Rentals

Property Management

Multi Family, Single Family, Condominiums, Real Estate/Rentals

High Security

Law Enforcement, Jail/Corrections, Casinos, Banking


Universities, Hospitals, Hotels, Manufacturing



Motor Pool, Armory, Data Centers, Building/Housing




The Elite Series of Electronic Key Management Systems provide a revolutionary method of key and asset management and has been designed to fit the needs of all industries, providing the ultimate solution in accountability, analytics, security and asset control

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KEYper Systems Patented Mechanical key management systems are an effective, low cost solution for your key control issues. The Mechanical Key Systems are simple to use and manage while improving productivity and reducing cost due to key loss.

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Nite Drop Zone

Give your customers the convenience they deserve with the Nite Drop Zone from KEYper Systems! The Nite Drop Zone key locker provides your customers a secure and reliable way to drop off or pick up their keys after normal business hours.

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Service Express 24

The KEYper® Service Express 24 is a 24-hour automated key dispensing system that works much like an ATM, perfect for Service Departments and Rental Property Management offices!

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Don’t Gamble with Your Keys, Trust Keyper Systems!

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