Protecting your business with high-quality security systems is always a great way of keeping yourself protected from theft. However, few companies take the time to install essential key systems in their business. This oversight is a huge mistake because key storage can be a crucial way of keeping you safe from theft.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few instances in which stolen keys impacted a person or business. Then, we will discuss a few solutions for managing these problems. In this way, you can keep your keys out of the hands of criminals who would love to gain access to your assets.

The Dangers Of Missing Keys

A variety of recent news stories illustrate the dangers of losing your business keys. One showcased a thief returning to a home multiple times to burglarize it. Now, imagine that situation occurring in your business. Losing your main set of keys and having a thief find them could leave your company open to repeated robberies. Even if you have cameras located in your building halls, a dedicated burglar could still steal a lot of goods from you or access sensitive information.

In another story, it was found that burglars would steal keys right out of cars and use them to enter homes. This situation was typical when people parked their car outside their house and didn’t take the time to bring in their keys. The same situation could happen in your business. For example, one of your employees could have a key ring filled with essential business keys. If this gets into the wrong hands, your company will be open to criminals who would take advantage of this access to rob you blind.

As a result, key systems are an important tool that more businesses need to understand. Implementing an effective and high-quality key storage method will make sure that your company is safely protected from robbers. Even better, it will make it easier for you to track where these keys are located and take steps to ensure that you aren’t getting robbed by your employees.

How Key Control Saves You Money

Safety from robbery attempts is not the only reason to keep your keys safely stored. For example, a recent threat at a Massachusetts school was inspired by a 16-year-old student getting access to the school’s master keys. While this student was not connected to the threat, he was able to access delicate areas of the building during a dangerous time. In fact, he was able to locate sensitive records and other types of paperwork all through his school.

As a result, the school had to install new keys throughout the whole school district. This cost the district over $50,000 in wasted funds. So even if you notice your missing keys in time to prevent robberies, you’re still going to be in a situation that will cost you a lot of money. As a result, it is crucial to take the time to understand the various management systems you can use for your company.

Ways To Avoid Key Control Problems

The simplest way to keep your keys protected from robbery or misuse is to secure them in a safe area. Just placing them in office drawers, hook boards, hanging key cabinets or unmonitored lockboxes is not effective enough anymore. These storage options leave them open to theft from just about anybody who walks into your office.

It is also essential to keep a usage log for your keys to ensure that their presence is accounted for at all times. In this way, your employees won’t be able to steal them without implicating themselves or others in a crime. Make sure that your log is regularly updated to ensure that all the keys in your business are tracked. And thankfully, there are several storage systems which you can invest in for your business.

The Benefits Of Key Management Systems

A professionally-installed key management system will place all of these essential items in a safe area that cannot be breached. For example, a mechanical key management system uses a few simple control mechanisms to store your keys safely. This step also improves productivity by keeping all of your office’s keys in the same location, thereby making it easier for your employees to find them.

You can also install a drop zone where your customers can place business keys after hours. This drop zone will lead to a carefully-sealed area that will keep your keys out of the hands of unwanted people. Not only is this convenient for your customers, the process is streamlined for managing after hours key drop off and creates a better user experience for your customers.

The same idea also applies for customer key pickup. There are also services like automated key dispensing systems that work somewhat like an ATM. These key systems place your business keys in a stored area that cannot be broken into without a lot of work.

Combining all of these systems in your business can help to avoid the kind of key theft that can be so be traumatic for your company. It keeps your essential locking items in an area where you can find them, tracks who is using individual keys, and creates a simple system for protecting your business. As a result, it is worth installing these key storage units in your store.

Finding The Right Key Management Solution

There are several places where you can find these types of storage systems. While we provide all of these methods at reasonable prices, it is essential to find one that works for you. Take a few moments to assess the ways you manage your key use in your business right now.

After you have spotted potential problems, you can contact us to learn more about a solution for your key management system needs by contacting KEYper Systems. We can assess those needs, install the right key management system for your business and maintain them for you after getting them in place.