MATRIX Electronic Key Storage Cabinet

The Revolutionary Electronic Key Storage Cabinet

The MATRIX by KEYper Systems is a fully customizable self-contained electronic key storage cabinet designed for you to safely store a wide range of keys and assets. The Matrix can be configured in 3 different base offerings, The Ultra, The Compact, and The Frame.  Our MATRIX electronic key storage cabinet also offers multiple software operating platforms, depending on what best fits your application needs.

Key Features of the Matrix by KEYper Systems

key storage cabinet and key safes

  • Customized Bin Size
  • Video Documentation
  • Audible Alarms
  • Voice Guidance
  • Multi-Level Login Options
  • Unlimited Capacity


KeyTag Application

KeyTag is a high class electronic key storage cabinet which enables you full control of your keys and assets.

With the Matrix KeyTag system, controlling your keys can never be easier – you will be able to decide who has access to each key, and receive real-time information regarding who took what, when and for which purpose. Our Matrix electronic key storage system offers maximum level of security as each key is secured inside a sealed compartment, and every operation is captured by a dedicated video camera. Customizable user access allows you to choose from different login methods for individual users, and also limits when the keys can be retrieved. KeyTag gives you the key control you want, with the security level you need!

My Box Application

MyBox is an electronic self-deposit locker for personal belongings. Our electronic key storage cabinet enables users to store personal belonging such as phones, cameras, USB, documents and other valuable items. Our systems are the ultimate choice for organizations who wish to allow their workers, guests, or customers to deposit personal belongings using an advanced and effective storing system. The operation is extremely friendly, and can be dedicated for specific or random users with biometric identification or RFID tags. The storage compartments’ configuration and sizes can be adjusted to match the stored items, for maximum capacity utilization – one ULTRA unit can contain about 500 cell phones. The MyBox system is the first choice for hotels, banks, military, embassies, prisons, health centers, and others who wish to have the most advanced automated storing system on the market.

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