KEYper Key and Lock Control

The KEYper® Systems commitment to asset management doesn’t stop at keys. Systems are available for padlock management allowing you to control access to your padlock inventory. Wth our key and lock control, we have key lockbox components to compliment your LockOut/TagOut System (LOTO).

You know that OSHA requires all industries to provide LOTO to their employees for safety. But keeping locks readily available at all times can be challenging. With KEYper® Lockbox Management Systems, padlocks can be at arms reach at all times. Know how many locks are checked out of the system and who has them, at a glance.

KEYper® Lockbox Management Systems allow your Safety division to provide a key and lock control Lockbox Station at the point of need while keeping the locks secure and managed. Key lockbox replacement puts a drain on budgets, so why not compliment your LockOut/TagOut program with a lkey and lock control system which requires your employee to use their personalized Access Peg to remove a lock from the system, which retains their Access Peg until the key lockbox is returned.

From single key lockbox Stations, to systems for up to 75 padlocks, with and without locking enclosures, the KEYper® key and lock control Management System can be customized to meet the needs of your facility. By tracking both the padlock and its keys, you can be assured a lock and key is available to meet your OSHA LOTO mandated procedures. (LOTO).

KEYper® Lock Control: The Smart Thing To Do.


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